An entertaining start to the day.

I love a good thunderstorm!

I awoke to the sound of distant thunder this morning.  I hurried around in the kitchen so that I could get out of the door before the bottom fell out of the sky, but was unsuccessful to say the least.  Walked out of the garage about the time it started raining buckets.  I still smiled as I walked back into the house from grabbing the newspaper, because I love rain, and I love a good storm.

What an amazing drive to work this morning as I followed the storm to the east.  The lightning was putting on one marvelous show and I felt like I had a front row seat.  My insurance agent would be comforted to know that I did look at the road on occasion while watching the lightning bounce across the sky.  A Popcorn and a Coke please, time to sit back and enjoy the show!

As a child, I believe I must have loved rain and storms.  Not sure, you ask?  Well, that was a long time ago in my eyes.  I was accustomed to my fair share of rain while being raised in the Swindon, England area.  More so than what we receive here in Arkansas.  Absolutely two different climates!  Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t foggy and rainy all the time like the old tale would have you believe.  Humidity and heat like we have here in Arkansas is non-existent in England.  It can get rather warm over there these days, but without the humidity it can be quite bearable.

I can still remember our arrival in the U.S. as a child, the day we landed in Chicago, Illinois.  It was early September, so you can imagine what awaited us as we exited the plane on to the asphalt to board a bus to the terminal.  Yes, MAJOR HEAT!  Wow, I remember the heat, to this day, hitting my face and experiencing something I had never felt before.  What a rude awakening to our new home, the United hot States of America.


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