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So here I am at the crossroads of where everyone that has started a blog has stood.  After initially setting up my blog page, it comes down to the monumental first entry.

I have thought about doing a blog for some time now, as I have enjoyed reading some friends blogs on occasion.  I guess it came down to wondering, “Do I really have that much to say, and would anyone even read this”?  I have come to reason with myself that the answers to those questions really does not matter.  Writing is therapy!  Being able to release our occasional thoughts and concerns is a way to get rid of carrying them.  So either way my blog is a win win situation.  I am excited about this journey and I am hopeful to find the time to be able to log in from time to time and record my thoughts.

As it turns out, today I’m handed an opportunity for my first topic.  Something that I know absolutely nothing about. GOLF!  I’m not talking about the Masters either (a coincidence that it was played today).  Seems that this kid that was playing on the course today where we live would be a long way off from ever playing professional golf. (trying to find humor)  I am setting up my blog page this afternoon when I hear the sound of breaking glass in the garage.  I knew we had taken a hit from a golf ball from the 7th green.  A couple of years ago an apartment complex / golf course was built next to our home.  Although a city road exists between us and the 7th green, it does not prevent many golf from landing in our yard.  I have an amazing collection of golf balls if anyone is interested in buying any.  Need cash for repairs!  I was able to find the kid responsible for the damage and get his information to help pay for the damage.  The funniest part of the conversation was when he asked “If the damage is expensive, would you consider splitting the cost since you built next to the course?”  At which point I pointed to a date etched into the concrete drive of 1993.  I told him that as he could see, we had been here long before the course complex was ever thought of.  And if I am guessing by looking at the youth of this kid, that the house was here before he was born.  So tomorrow it’s off to find a repair and its cost.

On a great note.  We got an invitation to a pre opening of a new burger joint in our hometown of Conway, AR yesterday.  Wimpy’s Burgers & Fries will be opening its doors tomorrow for the first time.  Saturday we got a sneak peek into an amazing and delicious hamburger.  Wimpy’s Burgers offer many toppings, all-inclusive in the price of the burger, which makes it difficult to get your mouth open wide enough to indulge.  That is a good problem to have though.  Their shakes are to die for too!


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